What does the term diastolic hypertension mean?

Bottom number high. When measuring blood pressure (BP) one gets two numbers - systolic is the pressure during the time the heart is contracting and diastolic is during the time it is relaxing. BP is recorded as systolic over diastolic. Diastolic hypertension is when the bottom number is elevated above its normal maximum of 80-90. In younger patients, diastolic hypertension is related to more worrisome outcomes.

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What is the significance of diastolic hypertension?

Needs treatment. Either systolic or diastolic hypertension, or both, can lead to complications if not treated. It used to be thought that diastolic was worse than systolic but nowadays most experts feel that they are equally dangerous. Lack of treatment can result in damage to the heart, kidneys, and/or brain so get help even if you feel well.
Can cause damage. Diastolic BP above 90 will increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney disease. It is definitely worth having BP checked regularly and treated if high.