Can high cholesterol be inherited?

Yes. Your liver makes cholesterol and your intestines absorb it from what you eat. If you have a liver that makes tons of cholesterol and/or have intestines that are extremely efficient at absorbing it from your food, you can develop high cholesterol. These are things that you are born with that you can not fundamentally change about your body with today's technology.
Yes. Although what you eat affects your cholesterol, the tendency to a high cholesterol is inherited. Certain types result in extremely high cholesterol levels.
Change it. Yes but you can change it by consuming healthy food. Stop high carb foods. Consume plenty of eggs, flesh food, healthy fats, vegetables. For more, read this short article:
Yes. While the vast majority of adults have high cholesterol acquired over time due to lifestyle factors (eg, poor diet, overweight, sedentary lifestyle), a significant minority of patients may have high, or even very high, cholesterol leves to due to genetic factors. Best of luck!

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I have inherited high cholesterol. I'm currently on meds. What r other ways to lower it. Please help?

Increase activity . Level, maintain healthy weight and diet. Consult a dietitian/nutritionist. Your doctor can help arrange these steps. Good luck. Read more...