Is it true that high cholesterol contributes to hypertension?

More impotantly... While cholesterol deposition in the blood vessels may decrease their elasticity and theoretically worsen blood pressure, this is a theoretical and long term process. The important thing to remember is that both hypertension and high cholesterol increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Indirectly. It is not certain that someone with high cholesterol will have high blood pressure. Lots of people have only one, but a majority of those with hypertension will also have high lipids. This is due to the metabolic syndrome and may be mediated by Insulin resistance due to the western diet. In rare cases, the renal artery becomes narrowed from cholesterol leading directly to secondary hypertension.

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Is high cholesterol caused only by hypertension?

No. Two separate diseases by they tend to happen together in most of the time, high cholesterol can be genetic or related to your life style. Same with hypertension. Having both together will increase the risks and complications from both.
No. High cholesterol and hypertension are mostly separate issues although both increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. High cholesterol is primarily linked to cholesterol production by the liver (controlled by genetics) and lifestyle.

Are there any good meds for both high cholesterol and hypertension?

Yes. The only restriction for hypertension is salt. The best treatment for high cholesterol is to maintain normal body weight and avoid animal fat, emphasizing fruits and vegetables. That's good for high blood pressure too. Keep your body mass index 18-25 and go lightly on meat, follow a dash diet:see http://dashdiet. Org/.
Caduet. Caduet combines a cholesterol lowering agent with a blood pressure lowering agent in the same tablet. Ask your doctor is this medicine is a good fit for you.

I have pre hypertension, overweight, high cholesterol at 27. What is the liklihood of cardiac problems..

Above normal, . You've got hypertension, high cholesterol and you're overweight. These are three factors that are the foundation for possible cardiac problems. Its hard to completely correct these, especially high cholesterol, but it's very important to try, particularly with weight. A tolerable exercise program, avoidance of too much fatty foods with a balanced diet and relaxation techniques is a start.
Not now. But if you want to avoid problems in the future, you better start serious lifestyle changes, particularly when it comes to diet and exercise. You will not be able to be in better shape or to loose weight until you take this seriously and start a consistent exercise program. THIS IS THE TIME TO START!!!! (assuming your doctor has cleared you to do it) You can do it (and need to)

Are hypertension and high cholesterol really hereditary? If both parents have both why do I have low cholesterol and HBP and sister high cholesterol?

Part heredity and. Part life style. There are multiple reasons for the distribution of cholesterol and BP. Parental genes received by the two siblings are not identical. Chromosomal recombination in game production may affect distribution to offspring. Penetrance of gens is variable. Life style can modify hereditary traits.

My husband has hypertension and high cholesterol now he is on medication. His ECG reports are normal but now pain in the chest and left arm?

Chest pain. Chest pain can happen for a variety of reasons but one should never delay seeking medical treatment is this could be the sign of a heart attack. Please contact your primary care physician about a cardiology referral as soon as possible. If his condition worsens call 911 or go to the emergency department.