Is it true that omeprazole can cause high cholesterol?

No. Omeprazole (prilosec) is not known to cause high cholesterol. Long term use may lower absorption of calcium, vitamin b12, etc... Older folks may have a higher risk of hip fractures. Stomach acid kills germs, so some infections may be more likely in a person with suppressed acid. If a person's diet stayed the same, but his cholesterol increased after starting omeprazole, his doctor can investigate.

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I'm taking omerprazole 20mg per day can these tablets cause high cholesterol. At precent. My cholesterol is 7.4. It as been up and down for year?

No, but causes other. Omeprazole is not known to raise cholesterol but I do not recommend anyone use it or similar drugs long-term. They can cause serious health problems like life-threatening infections, osteoporosis & nutrient deficiencies. See http://www.Naturalnews.Com/036336_ppis_acid_reflux_side_effects.Html & http://www.Healthy-eating-politics.Com/gerd.Html also see my comments re: cholesterol. Read more...