Which option is better: a "fat burner" or "fat blocker"?

Neither. Not entirely sure what a fat burner or blocker is, sound likely a marketing gimmick. No simple short cuts for long term sustained weight reduction, other than limiting caloric intake, and increasing caloric burning with excersise. Hope this helps.
Neither. It sounds like you are thinking about taking a pill to lose weight. There are not too many out there that help reduce weight effectively. Miridia is off the market now. Alli (orlistat) - a fat blocker might help you lose 6-8 lbs at the expense of misery of fatty diarrhea. Phentermine (fat burner) is full of side effects. Try better restructuring your meal routine, exercise and meal replacement.

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What are the differences between a fat burner and a fat blocker?

Absorption of fat. The fat blocker available as Alli ( branded rx xenical) is a medication that binds up 20-40% of fat ingested with the capsules - and does not allow the fat to ever be absorbed into the bloodstream ( which is where the side effects come from). Fat burners - are usually any product that has any compound with a stimulant effect - ie caffiene or other herbal forms - but these do not burn fat -. Read more...
None. May products that make these claims are sham products and some can be dangerous. Make to discuss any nutritional supplement with a physician as many "weight loss" products can be harmful. Read more...