What is the youngest age for which weight loss surgery is recommended?

Depends... This depends upon the severity of obesity, and overall medical state of health of the individual. Most physicians tend to be conservative on this issue; and recommend diet and exercise as the preferred method of weight loss. Ask your doctor what course of treatment is right for you.
18. Current guidelines for surgery are a minimum age of 18. Although there are centers across the country that are doing bariatric surgery for adolescents.
14. We require a person be finished with puberty and they have the desire to change eating and more than.
15 is youngest . Usually, we try to wait until the bone growth has stopped. We take xrays of the knee bones to verify. Of course, it is more important to have a good psychological assessment to address all potential issues. The type of surgery depends on the situation. More recently, it seems that the gastric sleeve is preferred for this young population.