Should I get genetic counseling?

Yes. More and more genetic information is available every day. For people who are trying to conceive, genetic counseling can help you have a healthier pregnancy by making you aware of possible risks and recommending appropriate genetic tests. These days, it is possible to prevent transmission of genetic mutations and disease via pgd: preimplantation genetic diagnosis. More info at www. Sbivf. Com.
Why? Not unless you have some disease in your family that can be transmitted to you.

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I lost my last my last two pregnancies in 4th week abruptly. Should I get genetic counseling?

Yes. Genetic counseling and chromosomal analysis for both parents is recommended. A parent could carry a balanced chromosomal abnormality leading to a high risk of having fetus with an unbalanced chromosomal rearrangement resulting in early miscarriage or malformations in the fetus.
Pregnancy n genetics. Hello, you may want to see an ob/gyn specialist in this area since you have had 2 miscarriages. Genetic counseling may be of help. However, you may also be cautious of holding heavy items such as big garbage cans. Get plenty of rest, limit alcohol, and and try to remember what happened in each episode, so tht you are aware of what to do and what to do.

I want my entire genome done. Do I need to get genetic counseling?

Why and Yes. Yes, you should seek genetic counseling if you are contemplating on getting your genome sequenced. Please note sequencing does not usually provide usable information unless targeted to a specific question.

When must I get genetic counseling for my baby's genetic disorders?

Genetic counceling. It dpends. Be more speicific. If in doubt call a large med school and ask for the genetic doctors to get their advice.
Using the site. You get the most out of this site when you provide specific background information and ask a related question. In this case it would help to know what condition you are concerned about. You are welcome to start over with this or other questions. Your posts are not linked so each must be complete.

Hi does any body know anything about who should get genetic counseling for huntingtons chorea?

Ass below. Best way to find is to see a neurologist, genetic disorder specialist. They have to consider lot of factors before considering expensive genetic testing, particularly for family planning.

What is genetic counseling?

Feedback on DNA test. After a dna analysis the results may be discussed with an individual to help them understand and deal with the information discovered. There may be decisions to make and the counseling may help guide one toward making them. The doctors doing the testing would be the best source for understanding this issue.
Counseling on risks. Genetic counseling is counseling of an individual or a family regarding risks of an inherited condition in themselves, their children, or other family members. Counseling session discusses the probabilities of a genetic condition, and options to diagnose or prevent an of inherited disease. It is typically done by a certified genetic counselor (ms, cgc) or a clinical geneticist (md).

What happens during genetic counseling?

Long History. You can expect a long appointment that goes into depth on you and your partners family history. Your personal risks will be evaluated and a detailed family tree built if there are any inherited conditions in the family. Tests such as blood tests, ultrasound, amniocentesis and cvs will be explained if ti relates to pregnancy. Other tests will be explained if it is related to gyn cancers.

What's the purpose of genetic counseling?

Information sharing. Genetic counseling helps the uninitiated to understand aspects of the exploding field of human genetics, as they pertain to personal and/or family history of inherited disorders, or to potential risks for vertical transmission of pathogenic traits across generations. It helps choose (or not) appropriate testing to confirm or refute a particular genetic condition and to thus prevent complications.

How to earn a degree in genetic counseling?

Search out schools. You need a background in subjects like counseling, anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. Check out job descriptions to see what hospitals and clinics are looking for in a person doing genetic counseling. Peace and good health.

What is the purpose behind genetic counseling?

Several reasons. There are many reasons. One is to understand the chance of a child inheriting the disease. Is it 50% like in huntington's disease? Is it 25% as in a recessive gene? If the gene is sex-linked, the percentages become much more complex depending on the baby's sex. Another reason is to understand the ramications of a positive test. What does this mean to the person? Is that person now uninsurable?