How long do I have to stay in the hospital after I have bariatric surgery?

Depends. The typical hospital stay for a healthy band, bypass, or sleeve patient is usually less than 24 hours for a first time procedure. The experience of the surgeon and hospital play a role however. Some bands and sleeves are actually done outpatient. Insurance sometimes requires an overnight stay such as medicare. The patients underlying medical conditions and weight may necessitate longer stays.
1-3 days. This varies based on the procedure. Laparoscopic gastric band patients often go home the same day. Gastric bypass or vertical sleeve gastrectomy patients usually stay 1-3 days depending on the surgeon and individual patient.
Length of stay. There are several different weight loss procedures. The length of stay will vary from procedure to procedure. I require a 1 night stay for the mini-gastric bypass procedure that i perform. Occasionally patients will stay 2 days. Some procedures such as the lap band offer outpatient services, but most other procedures require a 1 to 3 day hospital stay.