How exactly is lap band bariatric surgery done?

LapBand surgery. Laparoscopically (cameras and instruments stuck through small incisions in the abdomen), a band is placed around the stomach, creating sort of an hourglass shape to the stomach. Perhaps takes 45 minutes.
Lap band. Although, I am unable and am not knowledgeable about the actual technique of lab band surgery, I can say that a band is introduced in the abdominal cavity around the upper part of the stomach (cardia) and is inflated with water to tighten it to create two pouches (upper and lower). The upper one being smaller than the lower. Once food gets in the upper pouch satiety ensues quickly.
Lap band. That requires a long answer. Look at these sites. Http://www. Realize. Com/adjustable-gastric-band-surgery-information. Htm http://www. Lapband. Com/ http://www. Obesityhelp. Com www. Lapbandtalk. Com.
Laparoscopic. It is usually done with small incisions. An instrument needs to be placed gently behind the stomach and it grasps the band. This allows the band to be locked in position around the upper stomach. The tubing is connected to a port which sits on top of the rectus muscle. The port is accessed with a special needle and fluid is added or removed.
Laparoscopic. Through small incisions a band is placed around the stomach. See details on lapband. Com.

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I'm thinking about getting lap-band bariatric surgery. What can I expect?

Hope you expect. To loose weight, will eat less but good healthy food and be more active including in gym, hope will not get any of the known complication, it is known to be a relatively safe procedure. Discuss with your surgeon.
Lap band. That requires a long answer. Look at these sites. Http://www. Realize. Com/adjustable-gastric-band-surgery-information. Htm http://www. Lapband. Com/ http://www. Obesityhelp. Com www. Lapbandtalk. Com.

How are lap band and gastric bypass surgery different?

Malabsorption. The lap band is a device placed to make the stomach seem smaller thus allowing you to eat less and feel satisfied. With the bypass, a surgeon creates a smaller stomach by cutting which has a similar effect. Additionally, the intestines are cut and rerouted so that the upper segment is "bypassed". This decreases the absorption of food which leads to faster and relatively easier weight loss.
Bypass and band. Two very different operations. Lap band is the safest and is reversible which attracts a lot of patients. On the other hand, failure rates are high, it is easy to cheat, weight loss is slower. Bypass is the gold standard, been around for 50yrs, results in the greatest weight loss, highest cure rates for diabetes, hypertension, etc, but has a higher risk. There's a lot more but not enough room here.

Woud you please discuss the costs for lap band vs. Gastric bypass surgery?

They. Are similar with respect to surgical fees but you are hospitalized longer after a gastric bypass on average.
Cost of bypass. That varies tremendously. If you have great insurance, it could cost you nothing. If you paid cash for a bypass at a hospital, it can cost you upwards of $30, 000. The average cash price for a band is close to $20, 000 but there are chop shops that will do it for as little as $13, 000 (and even less in mexico). I would not bargain shop. I have seen a lot of complications from these bargain places.

Main difference (recovery wise, etc) between getting lap band and gastric bypass surgery?

A couple weeks. Recovery following laparoscopic banding or bypass is often less than 2 weeks. You won't be 100%, but should be able to return to a desk job in this time. For manual labor, recovery will be longer. There are many other differences which can't be fully covered in this format. I would recommend looking for a free seminar in your area to further investigate this.

Is it allowed for a teenager to get the lap band or gastric bypass surgery?

See below. I would not recommend any teenager to have lap band or gastric bypass surgery. She needs to be evaluated thoroughly by her physician to find out what reasons she has for her weight gain. Lap band surgery and gastric bypass are not the panacea they're made out to be. Just ask al rocher he has some regrets. Have her pediatrician evaluator thoroughly.
Teen. Waiting until 18 would be ideal but 16 ; 17 year olds can have surgery but should only do so at an adolescent weight loss surgery program and after extensive evaluation. This includes the usual evaluations by the surgeon, dietician, ; social worker, plus a pediatric endocrinologist, pediatrician, and x-rays of their growth plates to prove physiologic maturity.

I'm 28 hispanic male 5'9 n weigh 350, is there any program or insurance that can help me get the lap band or gastric bypass surgery?

Start investigating. First place to start is with your insurance company as many will pay for bariatric surgery if you meet their established criteria. Second is to start investigating the surgeons that do the procedure. Get recommendations and referrals from others that have gone through the surgery. Lastly, start an exercise routine now that you will commit to continuing after the surgery.
Yes. Your current bmi is 51.1. This places you in the super, morbidly obese category. A gastric bypass or gastric sleeve would be a much better option than a gastric band in optimizing your weight loss. Find a surgical weight loss seminar somewhere near you. These seminars will discuss the various procedures available as well as insurance criteria and even finance options if you don't have insurance.
WLSFA is one option. Weight loss surgery foundation of america is the only resource I know that works to get coverage for needy people. They are scattered around country. Good luck.
Yes. Most insurances, including medicare and medicaid cover the surgeries. There are also several medical loan companies that finance the surgeries.

When after having a baby can someone undergo gastric bypass surgery or lap band surgery?

3 Months. But why? Diet, exercize, push the baby carriage, avoid significant risks and high return rate?
Band after baby. There is no absolute rule of thumb on this, but I would wait at least 6 months for your body to recover and get back to pre-pregnancy weight before having surgery. Also, taking care of a newborn is a lot of work and you probably want things settle down a bit because you won't want to be up all night with the baby during the first week after surgery.

Is lap band weight loss surgery safe?

YES. Lap band and gastric bypass surgeries are safer that they even have been. Look for experienced surgeons that share their results. Seek out bariatric centers of excellence facilities as they have been put through rigorous standards, monitor their results and have to meet minimums as far as the numbers of procedures they do. That equals experience. Your surgeon will discuss risks in greater detail.
Yes it is. Please keep in mind that in addition to the laparoscopic band, the sleeve gastrectomy represents a good alternative option. They have been doing the band in europe since 1992 and by early 2000's many bands were being removed due to long term complications. Please so your homework and discuss the sleeve with your surgeon, it doesn't mean it is the best option for you but at least learn about it.
Yes and No. All surgery has risks. "lap band" placement procedures are very safe, but adjustable gastric bands have specific long term risks including malposition, erosion, infection, reflux, slippage orprolapse, obstruction, migration into hiatal hernia, etc. While these risks are low, be informed about all the risks and the potential consequences on your health and wallet. Don't forget maintenance costs.

Does anyone have any info about the lap band weight loss surgery?

Some facts. Http://asmbs. Org/obesity-and-surgery-learning-center/bariatric-surgery-procedures/.
Lap band. That requires a long answer. Look at these sites. Http://www. Realize. Com/adjustable-gastric-band-surgery-information. Htm http://www. Lapband. Com/ http://www. Obesityhelp. Com www. Lapbandtalk. Com.