What exactly can you eat after bariatric surgery?

A handful... The portioning and allowed foods after a bariatric procedure vary somewhat depending upon the type of procedure you undergo; however there are some fixed items. For example you should not consume any meal that is bigger than the palm of your hand, avoid carbonated beverages and avoid fatty/'junk' foods. I would encourage you to ask a bariatric surgeon for further details...Happy eating!
Hopefully anything. Biariatric surgery doesn't necessarily change what you eat, it mainly changes how much you eat. The basic goal of surgery is to control the volume that you consume. You will need to make good food choice. If you are eating poor quality food, eventhough you're eating less, you can still gain weight. Surgery is a tool, not a cure. It still requires work to change your lifestyle and eating habits.
Depends. Generally all allow healthy good food. It's a lifestyle change so avoid crap.