Who can I get rid of ear pressure?

Ear pressure. Ear pressure is maintained by constant flow of air through the eustachian tube which connects the middle to the throat. You can try blowing ballons or blowing through a pinched nose. That action builds pressure within the throat which in turn opens up the eustachian tubes.

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2Tarlov cysts at S2 (racepinephrine) 17X15mm and 14X13mm causing scalloping of bone. Feel head and ear pressure. Need surgical removal? Any other treatment methods?

Tarlov cysts. Hello, these are benign perineural cysts or cysts in between the coverings of the nerves, usually found co-incidentally at MRI of low back. Yours are 1.7cm and 1.5cm and are small by comparison. These should not be symptomatic, let alone need surgery, your head and ear pain probably unrelated. But see an expert ~ a neuro-surgeon to ask ! thanks. Read more...