Which is easier to correct- hyper or hypo thyroidism?

Hypothyroidism... Hypothyroidism is easier to correct. In hypothyroidism, supplemental thyroid hormone can be taken to reach an adequate normal level. Hyperthyroid states are usually more difficult to control. Depending on the hyperthyroid illness, radioactive iodine, surgery, or anti-thyroid medications may be used. Often hypothyroidism results after treating hyperthyroid patients, but is easy to deal with.
Usually hypothyroid. If your thyroid is not working (hypothyroidism), the hormones can easily be corrected with levothyroxine. Routine blood tests monitor the dose. If you are hyperthyroid, your doctor needs to determine the cause. Some causes resolve spontaneously, and others require thyroid suppressing medication, or radioactive iodine, or surgery. These treatments is best discussed with an endocrinologist.