Can I continue smoking after bariatric surgery?

No. Shouldn't have been smoking before Bariatric surgery. Take the opportunity to do something else healthy for yourself and quit smoking.
Absolutely NO. I do not operate on smokers! They must quit smoking prior to proceeding with any procedure. You're doing this for your health. Smoking is the worst possible thing that you can do to your health. Obesity is second only to smoking. If you continue smoking the complication rate significantly rises because smoking does not allow the body to heal properly. Also causes bad gastric ulcers after.
You shouldn't. Although you can smoke after bariatric surgery, it doesn't mean you should. Smoking puts you at risk for complications and other medical problems. Since it is a controllable factor, it only makes sense to stop smoking if you can.
Bypass: No. Sleeve:? You cannot smoke after bypass or you will get an ulcer. After a sleeve, it is still bad, but more tolerated. We encourage the electronic cigarettes. Cheaper and safe.