Does exercise suppress appetite?

Interestingly, yes. Not only does exercise help you utilize ingested calories more efficiently, i.e. help you store calories as usable forms of energy rather than fat, but exercise also helps curb the appetite in the long run.
Yes and no. Exercise suppresses appetite immediately after exercise because your blood vessels are busy w/ your muscles. It takes a while for them to be available for digesting food again. However, building new muscle turns up metabolism. That is energy-burning and can increase appetite. That doesn't mean you have to increase calories, though. Protein & vegetables can satisfy your body need w/o adding fat.
No. It may immediately after if exercise is prolonged and/ or intense. Eventually your body will want to refuel. Best to choose whole foods in proper portions (think 1/2 plate with fruits and veggies, 1/4 with whole grain carb and 1/4 with a protein).

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Does aerobic exercise suppress appetite?

No. If anything, regular exercise will increase your appetite because of the amount of calories your body needs to support your exercise. Exercise will increase your body's basal metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories) for up to 16 hours after exercise. A balanced diet and regular exercise is recommended for all. Read more...
Acutely, yes! However, this is do to shunting the blood from the GI track! Later appetite is normal. Frequent bursts of aerobic activity raise metabolic rfate more than\one long session! Read more...