Is it safe to take adipex and acaipure together?

Tricky question. Adipex does have some drug-drug-interactions, but you are asking about an herbal(?) product. It is possible for drug-food-herbal interactions, perhaps the physician who put you on adipex or will put you an this should take the time to answer this for you. Until then be careful with taking any over-the-counter product with any prescription medication.
Probably - but ... At least you know what's in the adipex pill. No telling what's in the thing labeled "acai." acai is a scam, though. If it worked we'd ll be skinny and a giant pharma company would be selling it. Show me the people who've lost significant weight and kept it off from adipex *or* acai - they don't exist. Stop being scammed and start eating a lot less calories and exercising!