Natural treatment for the eye condition uveitis?

No such thing. Uveitis is a serious inflammation inside the eye which can cause vision loss and other problems. This should not be treated with "natural" products which will no work and can prevent your progress to the ophthalmologist who can given you what are in fact effective prescription medications.
None. There is no "natural" treatment for uveitis. This is a potentially serious inflammatory condition which should be evaluated and treated immediately. See your eye doctor.
None. Uveitis, of inflammation of the interior contents of the eye can be painful, and cause permanent damage to the eye that can lead to loss of vision. Medication is required to treat this possibly serious condition. Usually topical steroids, but sometimes oral steroids are required. Not treating this condition can lead to permanent vision loss.

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What is a natural healing treatment for the eye cond. Uveitis?

There is none. This issue needs to be treated aggressively by an ophthalmologist. Delaying treatment puts your eyesight at risk. Read more...
None known. Uveitis is a serious condition when untreated and can be visually threatening. No "natural"product can influence this condition . Do not put your eyes at risk searching for a non-conventional treatment when conventional treatment is so effective. Read more...