How do you get rid of fibroids?

Depends. Fibroids that don't cause symptoms need no treatment. If symptomatic (exs. Heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, increased urinary frequency) diet/exercise (lose body fat) easiest. Medicine next (exs. Anti-inflammatory tranexamic acid, birth control pill). If symptoms persist uterine fibroid embolization (consult interventional radiologist) or surgery (exs.Myomectomy, hysterectomy).
Surgery. No medication permanently shrinks fibroid tumors. If you have symptoms options exist to help improve them: myomectomy (cutting out fibroids, repairing uterus) for women who desire future pregnancy hysterectomy (fibroid uterus removal), preferably laparoscopic or vaginal routes, best choice if family complete uterine artery embolization - injection of foam to block uterus blood supply.