Can anyone get trigeminal neuralgia?

Yes. Unfortunately. While usually seen in older adults, tn can occur at any age, even children. There is a role for compression of the trigeminal nerve, usually by a blood vessel. This can be seen on a high quality mri. There is nothing known about how to prevent it. There is ongoing work into the genetics of this disorder.
Trigeminal neuralgia. trigeminal neuralgia is mostly a result of trauma to the nerve, an infection in the nerve or a vascular anomaly where a blood vessel is impinging and compressing the nerve.
Yes. It is rarely seen in individuals less than 35 years of age, is more common in woman than in men. When seen in the younger population, the presentation is frequently bilateral and is associated with multiple sclerosis. It is rare for both sides to be active at the same time. Commonly used narcotic analgesics have little effect on this type of pain.
TN issues. Tn is a specific name to a type of facial pain. It can take a few doctors visits to get a final ruling. Don't wait it is not cancer but the pain can make you wish you were dead! think flesh/tissue and not nerves for face pain! begin a self-care wellness program of vits, magnesium glycinate, sleep hygiene, self/pro massage, chiropractor, heat, epsom soaking, stretching. I use acupuncture!