How can trigeminal neuralgia be treated?

Yes. Generally trials of antiseizure medications can be beneficial. Some individuals fail such therapy and may otherwise benefit from neurosurgical procedures including gamma knife therapy.
Multiple approaches. Most start with anti-seizure medication (for pain!). May also try other "neurological" non-seizure medications, but traditional pain killers usually not effective. Many have tried acupuncture, biofeedback, homeopathic, electrical stimulation and diet, with mixed success. Surgical procedures helpful: microvascular decompression yields highest rates of remission, though others helpful.
Treat with meds . Medications should always be tried first,see a neurologist,,intractable neuralgia,may also be treated with alcohol injection of the ganglion,though not always effective,
Trigeminal neuralgia. Antiseziure medications such as tegretol have been used succesfully in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia for many years, in most cases, these drugs work where others fail. Surgical options such as microvascular decompression have also been used very succesfuly in cases where medications fail.