What are the causes of eye tremors?

Nystagmus. Nystagmus is an involuntary eye movement which usually results in some degree of visual loss. The degree and direction of eye movement, amount of visual loss and resulting impairment varies greatly from person to person. You should check with your doctor, if your eyeball twitches.
Eyelid trembling? Trembling of an eyelid, which happens in normal people, is called myokymia (an involuntary, spontaneous, quivering of a few muscle cell bundles within a muscle). Myokymia starts and stops spontaneously. In the eyelids, it can last a few minutes to a few days. One should see an ophthalmologist (md eye doctor) if symptoms persist, keep recurring, or the eyeball is trembling (neurological problem).

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Too many symptoms. A symptom diary is helpful in such cases. One can write down the symptoms that happen each day, along with the activities that day, the foods eaten (including drinks), and medications taken. Write on a big calendar. Include whether or not the medications help the symptoms. Then a doctor can START with the most bothersome symptoms, as multiple symptoms usually means several visits to the doctor. Read more...