Best treatment for facial paralysis?

Steroids&antoviral d. Treatment of bells palsy is to start oral Prednisone and antiviral drugs.The antiviral drugs should be started as soon as the symptoms appear to be effective.Most people recover completely without any ill effects beside the meds you need to keep the affected eye lubricated as there is inability to close the eye on affected side, use artificial tears regularly or use a patch to prevent drying eye.
Static vs graft. Treatment of facial paralysis can be done as a static process such as fascial sling or direct repositioning of paralyzed segments such as direct brow lifting. Reanimation can also be done with direct nerve grafting via cable grafts or cross fascial grafting. The indications for either approach are very specific and may require nerve testing such as an EMG to determine nerve status.
It depends. The treatment for facial paralysis depends upon the cause. This can be as simple as steroids and antivirals, but can also include surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve or to remove infection around the nerve and/or antibiotics to treat infection. Another key element to treating facial paralysis is eye care. Without the ability to close the eyelid, keeping the eye moist is critical.

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Is there any new effective treatment for Facial Paralysis??

Facial nerve palsy. Hello QiaoW, thanks for the question. The short answer is no. There's not really any standardized routinely effective treatments for facial nerve palsy. Several things have been tried though like steroids, IVIG or acyclovir. The most common treatment is time. It gets better to varying degrees with time. Good luck to you. Read more...