What are the symptoms of tourette syndrome?

Vocal and Motor Tics. Tourette's syndrome is a tic disorder that involves both motor (movement) and vocal tics. Tics are involuntary actions (vocal or movement) that occur mutliple times per day. Vocal tics can take the form of throat clearing, sounds or full words or phrases. Motor tics can be simple (shoulder shrug, forced eye blink) or complex (involving multiple muscle groups and a series of rapid movements).
Severe tic syndrome. Multiple tics associated with snorting, sniffing, involuntary vocalizations, and troublesome compulsive and aggressive impulses constitute the major features of gilles de la tourette syndrome. It is the rarest and most severe of the tic disorders that begins in childhood, usually as a simple tic. Hyperactivity and disorders of attention and perception are frequent. Intelligence does not decline.

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What are the symptoms of tourettes syndrome?

TICS. A person with tourette syndrome presents with tics. Motor tics could consist of eye blinking, head jerking, sticking out the tongue, shrugging shoulders etc. Vocal tics can include clearing the throat, barking, yelling, use of vulgarities, repeating sentences, etc.

Could motor and verbal tics be the only symptoms of tourette syndrome?

Yes but... Tourette syndrome is often associated with (comorbidity) obsessive compulsive disorder or adhd.
Main symptoms. These are the hallmark of tourette's and should be present before the age of 18. The tics ususally start very simple but may become more complicated. Most cases of tourrette's are mild and do not pose significant barriers to leading a productive life. There can be comorbid disorders like adhd, ocd, impulsivity or mood disorders. These other disorders often pose more of a problem than the tics.

Are motor and verbal tics the most common symptoms of tourette syndrome? Are there any others?

Yes. Tourette syndrome is defined as having the presence of multiple motor plus vocal tics lasting longer than 1 year with onset prior to 18 years old and not caused by another medical condition or medication. Adhd, ocd, anxiety and learning disorders are commonly associated with tourette syndrome.

Can mold or allergies be the cause of my niece getting symptoms of tourette syndrome?

Yes, AND. Mold and food allergies have been implicated in a variety of health issues from autism spectrum disorder, depression, migraines and even cancer. Bottom line an inflamed GI tract can lead to an inflamed brain (and lungs). Try an elimination diet and see if your niece improves.
No. There' absolutely no evidence that mold allergies, or any other allergy, would cause tourette's. Certainly you may have pulmonary complications from a mold allergy. The belief that an allergic reaction is the cause of development, psychological, or mental health problems is unfounded. This reeks of the belief that an MMR vaccine caused inflammation in the GI tract and lead to autism. Not true!

How do I tell the difference between tourette syndrome or aspergers symptoms?

Two disorders. Tourette's syndrome involves making involuntary movements, sounds or speech, sometimes associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Asperger's syndrome involves difficulty reading & responding to social cues. Some as patients have unusual movements - arm flapping & others - but these are quite different from ts. Some people do have both conditions.

Can breath holding episodes be a symptom of tourette syndrome?

Maybe. It helps to actually see the behavior/movement but in my clinical experience I have com across an individual who has unusual breath-holding that seems to fit the picture of a tic disorder like tourettes.
Can't see it. By definition Tourette behaviors are repetitive, brief, involuntary movements that can be influenced but not controlled by the patient. Breath-holding is not brief and remains under too much patient control to be considered Tourette like.

When do your symptoms of tics become called tourette syndrome?

Sounds. By definition, using the psychiatric book called the dsm iv, the diagnosis of tourette's disorder is given when a person has tics that make sounds, like throat clearing, making words or snorting. It is very unusual to have actual words and even more unusual to say bad words. Most commonly, throat clearing and nose snorting noises occur. That is why it can be confused with allergies at times.

Is it possible that breath holding be a symptom of tourette syndrome?

Perhaps. There have been many reports of people with tourette's having breath-holding episodes. It is my understanding that tourette's is frequently associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd); and compulsive, breath-holding is sometimes a part of ocd. So whether due to tourette's or ocd I cannot say, but there certainly may be an indirect connection if not directly due to tourette's.

What is tourette syndrome?

Brain disease. Ts is a neurobiologic condition involving the thalamus in the brain, caused by inheritance, but occasionally by panda's. It's main symptoms are complex (several muscle groups moving involuntarily to appease a sensory compulsion) tics or motor movements involving various body areas, including vocalizations (complex vocal motor tics).Occasionally ts is debilitating, but most often it's treatable.
Vocal and motor tics. You can look up more information at this site: http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmedhealth/pmh0001744/.