Does drinking alcohol slow wound healing?

Not in moderation. Minimal intake will have no effect an alcoholic will drink instead of eating then will have protein and other nutrition deficiencies that have a very negative effect on healing.
One drink or many. Occasional use of the home will not affect you healing at all. However chronic use can cause liver damage. This liver creates many factors used in healing and if it is damaged, then wound healing can definitely be affected.
Yes. Alcohol slows wound healing by creating a imbalance in hydration levels of the skin. Alcohol is a drying agent and forces water and other fluids away from the skin. Thus, it slows wound healing.

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Does heavy alcohol consumption slow wound healing?

Yes. It depends a little on what you define as "heavy" consumption. It is known that alcoholics have certain nutritional deficiencies that could impair wound healing potential. Read more...
Yes it can. The direct affects of heavy alcohol intake on wound healing are less than the indirect affects such as poor nutrition and neglect of a wound due to inebriation. The immune system is know to be diminished in those who are heavy drinkers. Read more...

Will drinking alcohol slow down my wound healing?

Yes, but. A lot depends on how much alcohol you intend to drink. Alcohol is direct toxin and slows down white cells, so in large amounts, yes, it is not good for wound healing. Read more...