Lightheaded, feels like heart racingpain in stomach?

Confusing?? Let's see if i understand your report -- you could be having an arrhythmia or irregular heart beats or panic attacks? If this continues please see your doctor --.

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Sudden vibrating feeling w/ lightheadeness. Heart pounding and fast. Stomach upset, having to poop. Came out of nowhere. Felt like passing out. ER?

Dizzy/ heart poundin. May be gastritis, with or without H pylori ( abdominal pain)? gastroenteritis, vasovagal, or cardiac. If feel like passing out should be evaluated in ER/urgent care today, especially if episode lasting > 1-2 minutes. check EKG f/u /today with ER or urgent care. Read more...

I have POTS, my chest is hurting and my pulse is 98 resting im lightheaded and faint with stomach trouble, nausea heart pounding and fluttering. Ok?

Dysautonomia. 40y female has "POTS" with typical symptoms. This is an autonomic nervous system disorder that is highly associated with Hypermobility Syndrome o my mind sufferers, who are mostly women, need to remain fit and develop good muscle tone via aquatherapy, exercise, yoga, Tai Chi, etc. See comments below: . Read more...