Is this asthma or axity? All day long I feel a restriction in left lung and need to take deep breaths every five min. But when I sleep I am fine when I wake up its not there til I get moving when I go outside its worse. Hyperhyriod I was diagnosed

A # of issues. Hypertthyroid=inc anxiety=breathing restrictions inc anxiety by itself=breathing problems anxiety=inc asthma=inc anxiety=breathing problems inc asthma=increased breathing problems=anxiety=inc breathing problems the fact that it remits when you sleep favors inc anxiety as cause, but would have my thyroid and asthma eval medically.
THYROID DISEASE. Problem breathing with possible sinus tachycardia and tachypnea. You need to see your md. Bronchial asthma sx has cough and wheezing and white frothy sputum.