How long does it take for a scaphoid bone bruise to heal?

Depends. It really depends on the severity of the injury to the scaphoid but i would say at least 4-6 weeks with supportive brace and rest as much as possible.
8-12 weeks. Assuming there is no fracture, sometimes the pain from a contused scaphoid can take 8-12 weeks to feel back to normal.

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I fell on my hand last February, and was diagnosed with scaphoid bone bruise. X-ray was inconclusive. I had hand therapy and improved somewhat, but am having worsening pain at the base of my thumb on the palmar side (not the snuff box). It is a deep ache,

Repeat x-ray. I would recommend reevaluation with another x-ray -- this late type of pain after a remote injury can indicate damage to articular cartilage in the wrist in a number of different areas like the articulation between the the thumb metacarpal bone and another wrist bone called the trapezium -- repeat evaluation by an orthopedist specializing in hand is indicated. Read more...

I once broke my scaphoid bone. Do I need xrays if I had a light impact injury, and now have bruising, slight numbness, and pain with normal movement?

Prior fracture . is part of the consideration when evaluating hand and wrist problems but it may not be linked to a new issue. A proper history exam first and then new X-rays if indicated is a typical approach. For bruising pain and numbness an evaluation is suggested . Read more...