What is the difference between hemorrhage and embolic stroke?

Bleed vs blockage. Hemorrhagic strokes usually refer to bleeds within the parenchyma or substance of the brain (though subarachnoid bleeding - from an aneurysm or such- is rarely and loosely referred to as a hemorhagic stroke). An ischemic stroke is when brain tissue dies (infarcts) due to a lack of blood flo from a clot or small vessel blockage. It is not uncommon for some bleeding to occur within an infarct.
Different strokes. Brain hemorrhage, a common result of poorly controlled hypertension involves bleeding into the substance of the brain from a variety of causes (including aneurysm). Embolism is the transit of a blood clot through the arterial system, ending in a smaller artery, blocking blood flow through it. Usually there is no bleeding but embolic strokes will occasionally bleed into brain.