Why would the developing brain be more susceptible to status epilepticus?

Kindling. Neuronal plasticity allows for kindling better in the younger brain.
It's not necessarily. The prognosis of status epilepticus really depends more on the underlying disease causing the seizures rather than the seizures themselves. Prolonged seizures may themseleves cause injury, but are associated with bad underlying brain disorders so seperating cause from effect is difficult. In some cases actually the developing brain is more likely to recover from a neurologic injury than an adult.

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What was happening. During the status. Were you having tonic clonic movements or were you in a post ictal or other form of unconsciousness? Seizures can result from a number of medical illnesses. Temporal lobe seizures can be hard to find on an EEG but during a seizure there should be something. I am suspicious that something else may have been happening and would welcome further information . Exam and labs. Read more...