In a neuro-icu, how is status epilepticus treated?

Two parts. 1. Work is done to find the cause of the persistent seizures, tests for infection, MRI of the brain, spinal tap and blood tests. People with epilepsy before this starts may not need all these tests. 2. Strong medication is given to produce a comatose state, to prevent seizures for at least 24 hours, before they are tapered off. EEG monitoring is essential during this care. Hope that helps.
Anti seizure drugs. Treatment has 3 parts. The first is to stop the seizures. This can first be done with the medicines used to sedate patients for any reason in the intensive care unit. The medications Midazolam or Propofol are very good at stopping seizures. Usually patients need a more specific anti-seizure medicine. An example is keppra (levetiracetam). Finally organ support and treatment of the underlying cause in needed.
Many factors. First identify that it is status epileptics. Look for cause. Treatment has many facets like protecting patient for further damage, airway and oxygenation, normalizing hydration electrolytes, optimizing functions of other organs like liver, kidney, lungs etc. Anticonvulsants, many drugs are used including general anesthesia. Treatment is mostly individualized. Often muscle paralitics are used.