Do I have ovarian cancer my tummy has bloated im always tired have lack of enegy my periods are all over the place it hurts when I have intercourse and I bleed after I also have pain in my legs back and abdomen please help?

Unable to be . Of use. Your symptoms are not specific enough for a diagnosis, without physical examination, imaging and lab studies. Please consult your doctor. Irregular bleeding and pain on intercouse need investigation. Tiffanyjayne: do u think it could be in response to your query, not likely. Can not say flat out no.
Needs further eval. The likelihood is something other than ovarian cancer is going on but you should seek medical evaluation by your physician to determine the cause of all these symptoms.

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Have high prolactin levels haven't had period for 6 months stomach is starting to become bloated but flat in the morning could I have ovarian cancer?

No. Don't worry! High prolactin can be caused by a tumor in the pituitary (called a prolactinoma). It can also be caused by medications, hypothyroidism, or smoking marijuana. Do you know why your prolactin level is high? A high prolactin level can cause menstrual changes and infertility. Bloating is not usually a symptom, and bloating is common. This is not ovarian cancer! But you need an answer. Talk to your doc! Read more...