What are the optimum ways to manage and to control peripheral neuropathy?

Prevention. Once you have neuropathy, the only treatment is to manage the symptoms. If the neuropathy is metabolic in nature, then only after appropriate lab testing can verify, starting a physician-approved amount of b-complex vitamins and anti-oxidant therapies may help to control the symptoms. Increase your water intake as dehydration can mimic neuropathy with Lactic Acid buildup in tissues.
Cause dependent. Management of symptoms of peripheral neuropathy is based upon the cause of the neuropathy. Since there are many causes, management and control of the disorder is focus upon the underlying cause if it is known. This may be tightly controlling diabetes or supplemental vitamin b12. Other cases the cause is unknown and treatment is directed at relieving disturbing symptoms with medication.
Managing the . Condition that causes it is imperative assuming one knows the etiology. Personally, i like performing epidermal nerve fiber density exam to assess the extent of small nerve fiber disease and treating it with vitamin therapy if it is mild or moderate. Severe cases may be irreversible.

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Capsaicin. Most neuropathic pain disorders originate in the periphery. When a peripheral nerve is injured, the amount of nerve degeneration depends upon the location and degree of injury as well as the age of the patient. Combining topical capsaicin with a local anesthetic may reduce pain. To achieve maximum benefit, it is important to apply capsaicin in a consistent manner. Ask your doctor for the dosage. Read more...