Could Parkinson's disease be hereditary?

Parkinson's disease. Yes, parkinson's disease can be hereditary. It is reported that about 5 % of pd is hereditary. However, the most common form of pd continues to be a sporadic form.
Yes. Most disease processes are hereditary in one way or another. Genetics are very complex. Sometimes multiple genes are required in order to display a specific characteristic or disease process. Genetic therapeutics is in it's infancy, but no doubt will be an unbelievable breakthrough one day.

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How could parkinson disease be prevented?

Parkinson. Despite a good deal of investigation so far there is no known causes of Parkinson's except for those drug induced. So until the source is found the concept of prevention remains remote. Read more...

Are there any treatment that works for parkinson disease?

Surgical? Essentially there are medications and surgery. Surgical treatment would likely consist of deep brain stimulation or dbs but, you should confirm this with a neurologist and a neurosurgeon. Read more...