Do doctors have any suggestions on how to prevent Parkinson's disease?

No. Cause and cure for parkinson's disease unknown. Parkinsonism (diseases resembling parkinson's) may be triggered by chemicals (e.g. Mptp) or repeat head trauma (example boxer muhammad ali). Anti-oxidants (turmeric, peppers etc) are rumored to be beneficial but no proof there.
Not really. Not really, there have been anecdotal reports of antioxidants, co-enzyme q and even nicotine (yes, cigarette smoking) retarding the development, but nothing engraved in stone and most studies show a possible slowing at best. The key to Parkinson's prevention and cure will be stem cells.
Maybe soon. A recent study has raised questions that this may be caused by an infection from prions, the small particles which cause creutzfeldt-jakob disease. If this indeed proves true, we may find some amazing breakthroughs.

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How could parkinson disease be prevented?

Parkinson. Despite a good deal of investigation so far there is no known causes of Parkinson's except for those drug induced. So until the source is found the concept of prevention remains remote.

What do doctors call a secondary symptom of parkinson disease?

Secondary Parkinson' This condition may be caused from heavy metal intoxications, medications such as anti-psychotics or related to a neurodegenerative condition "multi-systems atrophy (msa). Msa may be associated with blood pressure changes, rigity, tremor, deficits in upgaze and cognitive disorders. Pls see a neurologist for further info.

My doctor gave me dopamine and now I have movement disorders like parkinson disease. However all doctors that I have been to, told me that I dont have parkinson disease. Now the doctor prescribed md mendilex and abilify and I started hallucinating?

Response. Not sure whether you have an underlying neurological problem, or rather you are experiencing iatrogenic issues from your prescribed medications. Propose, if not yet done, you see a neurologist. We also might be able to help with a Concierge visit.