Are there foods that are good for optic neuritis?

Optic neuritis. This is a very old question, which has been looked at in some detail. The answer is there is no specific food, or supplement or vitamin which is good for or prevents optic neuritis.
Maybe. If the optic neuritis was caused by multiple sclerosis, it is best to take potent disease modifying items, such as Gilenya or tysabri, (natalizumab) and supplement vitamin d-3, but would not hurt to go onto a low fat diet, such as the swank diet. However, many cases of optic neuritis are due to other causes and diet unlikely to help there.

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Which foods are recommended for someone with optic neuritis?

Complex. Optic neuritis may be an isolated event, but a significant percent have this as a presenting sign of multiple sclerosis. If this is indeed the diagnosis, no harm in following a low fat swank diet. If this is isolated optic neuritis, no rationale to use any special foods.

What is a good treatment for someone who has optic neuritis in 1 eye due to ms? Is MS treatment meds enough or is it best to also add another for this

Steroids. Ms medications like tysabri (natalizumab) is not enough to treat current acute episode of optic neuritis. You need high dose IV or oral steroids for 5 days.
2 separate category. Optic neuritis would be classified as a relapse, and is best treated with EITHER intravenous Methylprednisolone or ACTHAR. The standard disease modifying agents are designed to prevent this, and should be continued even if a relapse occurs, but the more potent the med, the less relapses you will have. Tysabri (natalizumab) is the second most potent med on the market, currently.

What causes optic neuritis?

Optic neuritis. Optic neuritis can be an isolated finding, but is commonly associated with ms. Ms is believed to have an autoimmune etiology. Isolated optic neuritis is caused by inflammation which may not be autoimmune in nature.
MS and idiopathic. Optic neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerves that presents with vision loss, pain with eye movement & "fading vision" when a person gets hot (like in the shower). It is most commonly associated with ms- multiple sclerosis - especially in women. Other causes are idiopathic (we don't know) and rarely from autoimmune diseases such as lupus or infections such as lyme's disease, TB or syphilis.
Optic neuritis. Optic neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve. The most common cause is multiple sclerosis, but optic neuritis can be caused by many different infectious and inflammatory diseases.

What to do for optic neuritis?

Steroids. Optic neuritis may be the initial sign of multiple sclerosis, but could be due to many other causes. Commonly it is treated with intravenous Methylprednisolone or acth would also work, and oral steroids at high enough doses may reverse the visual loss. Other causes of optic neuritis exist but generally do not respond to steroids but some spontaneously improve by themselves.

What to do if I have optic neuritis?

Depends. There are several possible causes for this but the most likely is one episode with no cause. Your best bet is to find a neuro-ophthalmologist who can evaluate you and determine if there is an underlying problem. Some causes can be treated.