Why does vascular disease develop in diabetics?

Inflammation. Diabetes can lead to protein changes and inflammation, leading to atherosclerosis, or narrowing and stiffening of blood vessels. Depending on the location, these narrowed arteries may cause heart attack (heart or coronary arteries), stroke (carotid), amputations due to infection/poor healing (legs & feet), blindness (eyes), and kidney failure (kidneys).
Inflammatory changes. Diabetes and the Insulin resistant state yields increased endothelial dysfunction and helps accelerate the cascade of inflammation that leads to atherosclerosis and vascular narrowing. This exacerbates also the risk of plaque rupture that can lead to acute coronary states. 80% of diabetics die ultimately of vascular causes (mi, cva, or complications of pvod).
High glucose blood. Levels over time promotes inflammation and atherosclerosis formation.
Inflammation. Uncontrolled blood glucose due to diabetes leads to chronic inflammation in the vasculature. This leads to damage and poor repair response.

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Why are diabetics more prone to getting peripheral vascular disease?

Vascular Disease. Vascular disease is an intrinsic part od diabetes mellitus. Prolonged elevated blood sugars have a profound and lasting effect on the vascular and neurologic structures..
Bad for vessels.. Hyperglycemia has direct effect on the lining of blood vessels. This causes oxidative stress, vessel constriction, sticky platelets, abnormal clotting factors, lipid release and inflammation. Please control your glucose.

Are there any recommended vitamins or remedies to help treat a diabetic person with peripheral vascular disease?

NO. Diabetes glucose control is the best way to try to minimize the vascular effects of diabetes.
Peripheral Vascular. Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) is also known as hardening of the arteries or PAD and leads to plaque buildup in the artery circulation. It unfortunately does not have any known "natural remedies" or vitamins that decrease the incidence of the disease or help to treat it. Recommendations are to eat a low fat, healthy heart diet, exercise regularly, stop smoking, & "statin" drug like Lipitor (atorvastatin).

What is foot drop, how is it treated/managed. Diabetic neuropathy and diabetic vascular disease?

Neuro-muscular. Foot drop is a manifestation of neuromuscular disorder from many causes, including, vitamin deficiency, lead poisoning, leprosy, alcoholism etc. You may consult this site for more info. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/foot-drop/basics/causes/con-20032918.
WHY? First, find the etiology/reason for the drop foot. You're so young to have PVD and neuropathy. Maybe a NCV and EMG. Then, start w/ some type of bracing before surgery.