I am about to have a partial hysterectomy (ovaries and cervix stay) what are the sexual side effects?

Varies. Keeping the ovaries is probably a good idea in order to preserve the normal libido. Keeping the cervix is associated with an increased risk for bleeding, cancer, painful intercourse, vaginal infections, and the need for additional surgery (to remove the cervix later). There are very few good reasons to leave the cervix - and many good reasons to remove it with the uterus.
Little to none. Once post-operative pain and discomfort have been relieved. Good luck.
None Seek Lap Hyster. If possible have a minimally invasive operation such as laparoscopic or vaginal hysterectomy. If your dkctor doesn't offer was definitely seen a second opinion. Fast recovery, less pain, minimal scars. More info: http://www.Womenshealthfremont.Com/laparoscopic-hysterectomy-womens-health-obstetrics-fremont-san-francisco.Htm.