Why would a person get muscle weakness in the leg?

Nerve&muscle damage. Any type of nerve injury in your lower spine or in your leg can cause muscle weakness. Muscle diseases can lead to weakness. Sometimes brain conditions lead to muscle weakness, too. A detailed neurological exam can identify the likely area of damage.
There can be many. Reasons - a nerve impingement can cause this, a stroke can cause this, side effects of medication can cause this. For example, I have see it in some cholesterol lowering medications. Best to be checked out by a doctor if you have these symptoms.

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30yrmale. Since6month leg muscle weakness (had vitD, B12 def).CKP is 184.feel fatigue in leg when I walk for 10mins. Is it Myopia? Will kidney get affected

Need more informat. WE need more information. It is not myopia and I doubt we have enough information but unlikely to be kidney involvement. Weakness can be vascular, neurologic problem or muscular to suggest a few possibilities. Your physicians will need to consider these and other causes.

I get bad muscle cramping above my knee after going up stairs or hills. Is that related to my muscle weakness or is it concerning? Lasts a couple min.

Maybe. It might be related to some muscle deconditioning. You might want to try a series of five muscle strength in the exercises, or could see your local physical therapist for evakuation and a program for strengthening. If this does not improve after 4 to 6 weeks, recommend you see your doctor for evaluation.

Muscle weakness and strange feelings in my legs.

Get diagnosis. Weakness and altered sensations could be due to back problems, such as cauda equine, but also, peripheral nerve disease, and this likely would benefit from timely attention.

Neuro suspects remnants of mild gbs after nerve study. What can I do to help recover and reduce muscle weakness in legs that has mostly stabilized.

Physical therapy. Usage of motor systems through physical therapy and exercise is the best known way to recover nerve function. Keep up the patience and hard work. Nerves can grow back at a rate of 1mm per month.

All of a sudden had muscle weakness in leg and can't walk/run/drive (6mnths) for long time. CPK is 184IU/L and sr cr which used to be 0.9 is now 1.2.

You need and exam. Clearly, something has changed in you at least with respect with the strength in one limb and since it hasn't gotten any better over a long period of time you should have it looked it by a doctor. I am also concerned about the increased serum creatinine....but have you tried drinking water in generous amounts? Sometimes, a person gets a bit dehyrated and those numbers bump a bit.

Muscle weakness in legs while taking walk. Do I sit and rest?

See a doc. It is not generally normal to have muscle weakness when you walk unless you are going way beyond your physical capabilities. It would be advisable to see your doctor and tell him/her your symptoms. There may be a solution for it.

Can osteopenia cause muscle weakness in your arms and legs?

No.. Osteopenia is simply softening of the bones. It is not painful and does not affect the muscles.