What causes muscle weakness and sleepiness?

Narcolepsy? Some patients have narcolepsy and cataplexy. It is characterized by sudden and transient episodes of bilateral loss of muscle tone without loss of consciousness often triggered by an emotional stimulus such as laughter, surprise, anger, fear or humorous situations. Other reasons are sleep paralysis (weakness on awakening), what could be normal.
Diet and exercise. Many things can cause it. .. But if you have a well balanced diet and regular exercise, muscles are stronger and sleep is better.

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Whenever I drink coffee after 20-30 minutes I get muscle weakness, sleepiness, and tired why?

Adverse reaction? Perhaps, you have an allergy or a sensitivity to coffee. Other possibilities include reactions to flavors- if a flavored coffee, to the choice of cream or creamer, or to the choice of sweetener. (You can try to isolate by checking if there is a reaction when tasting just one of the individual ingredients and monitoring your symptoms, if this applies.) Maybe you will need to stop drinking coffee.

Who is the right kind of doctor for anxiety related muscle weakness and excessive sleepiness..

Sleep doc or GP. "excessive sleepiness" can be from multiple medical causes, and your family physician or internist could set about trying to find the cause. However, when you mentioned "anxiety related muscle weakness" - that sounds remarkably like cataplexy. Cataplexy, plus excessive sleepiness, or two of the cardinal features of narcolepsy. Your family doc could refer you to a sleep specialist.
Sleep. Someone who is board certified in sleep medicine and psychiatry.

Does mestinon (pyridostigmine) help with fatigue (sleepiness) and muscle weakness or just weakness in mg patients?

Helps weakness. But not specific for fatigue, and only helps stamina indirectly. Search for possible alternative reasons for your fatigue issues.
See answer. Many patients will report improvement in fatigue and tiredness with the use of Mestinon (pyridostigmine). Mestinon is one of the anticholinesterase inhibitors which are used as first-line treatment of mg. Improvement is often only partial and frequently decreases after many weeks to months of treatment and are often complemented with immunosuppressive therapy.

Severe shortnessof breath, chestpain, blue clubbing nails, muscle weakness, hot/cold inside body, headache, Drowsiness. Ok hearttests, so2. please help?

Time to call doctor. A person with difficulty breathing and chest pain needs to see her doctor right away, or be seen in the E.R. Possible causes include spontaneous pneumothorax, asthma, heart attack, pleurisy (inflammation of the lining inside the chest), fluid in the lungs, pneumonia, myocarditis, etc.... However, if this is an ongoing or repetitive problem, one can follow the instructions given by her doctor (s).

Can extreme sleepiness and muscle weakness/fatigue go hand and hand with my period?

Absolutely. These symptoms commonly are associated with menstruation. It is a good idea to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids while you are having your period.
It could. Could be from anemia related to menstrual cycles, could be thyroid, could be other deficiencies or lack of appropriate sleep. See your physician for appropriate work up.

What causes facial muscle weakness?

Facial palsy. Bell's palsy which is the injury of facial nerve that innervates the facial muscles can cause facial assymetry. You need to check with your doctor for treatment.
Facial weakness. Facial weakness can come from problems with the muscles themselves or from the nerves (or brain) that innervates them. Conditions such as bell's palsy, tumors, or strokes can cause facial weakness.
Facial muscle weakne. Common causes are trauma to the facial nerve, bell's palsy, muscular diseases and stroke are some causes.

What causes muscle weakness in polio?

See below. The polio virus attacks the nerves in the spinal cord that supply the muscles. Called motor nerves. Polio does not affect the nerves that deal with sensation. When the nerves die due to the polio virus, the muscles tend to wither and that is what causes the weakness. Post polio syndrome can occur 30-40 years later with new symptoms of weakness and fatigue. It is not a reactivation of the virus.
Affects spinal cord. Polio affects the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord. When these nerve cells die, that reduces the messages that can be sent to muscles.