What are the chances (%) of getting c diff if you're immunocompromised and you're prescribed clindamycin for a root canal? (can't take amoxicillin)

Somewhere 1-10% The risks ranges about 1-10% and i cannot tell you the exact percentage for your case, but current literature suggests this range. Probiotics use during and cont after antibiotic uses for few more days has been shown to reduce diarrhea/c. Diff infection rate. It is quite treatable and so if u get it, consult doc quickly and u will be treated accordingly. Good luck.
Hi. Immunocompromised patients plus Clindamycin can be a bad combination regarding c-diff. Metronidazole is a better option regarding but it is not as broad as clindamycin. Some probiotics like yogurt can help.
Very low. I do not know the exact %, however it is realitively low. If you do experience a reaction with diarrhea or c diff, it is treatable. I would not let that concern keep me from taking the antibiotic.