I had surgery for diverticulitis on 2003 - can I get this back? And can I eat strawberry seeds?

Yes it can recur . Surgery usually involves a resection of the part of the colon infected so that a recurrence can occur in another part of the colon. As far as diet is concerned the diverticular diet was devised in the 1920s and excluded all seeds, etc.(things that dont get digested) however in more recent years these things do not seem to be a cause of diverticulitis. In the 1920s a physician found a seed in the.
Yes,yes. Diverticulosis is a chronic degenerative condition of the colon that results in the formation of small outpouches along the colon wall. They are more common on the sigmoid/left colon area, however they can also exist in other parts. You therefore may still have some in your remaining colon. Recent studies have shown that nuts and seeds may actually be helpful in this condition due to increased fibe.