What is oppositional defiant disorder (odd)?

Defiant to Authority. Oppositional defiant disorder - DX of youth with 4 of he following: do not follow the directions of adults and are hostile and disobedient toward authority figures, youth may lose temper, argue with adults, annoy people or be easily annoyed, be spiteful or vindictive. It occurs more often than seen among youth of similar age and it interferes with functioning. Trauma may be source of disorder.
Severe Defiance. Odd is sometimes seen as something that any child could have. However, the diagnois should only be used with kids who have a long history (at least 6 months) of problems with severe defiance, arguing, temper outbursts, and a lack of taking responsibility for his/her actions, among other symptoms. These problems must cause significant impairment of functioning for the diagnosis to be made.