What infectious agents cause meningitis?

The following: Bacteria of multiple types, including meningococci, pneumococci, etc. Viruses which can be airborne, arthropod borne, or of GI origin. Also, tuberculosis, parasites, such as amoebas, etc. Lastly, a variety of fungus infestations. (incidentally, sometimes invasive cancers can involve the meninges or brain coverings, and mimic infectious meningitis.).
Infection. Meningitis is caused by an bacterial or viral infections. Some meningitis infections are extremely serious, and may result in death or brain damage, even if treated. Other rare causes are chemical irritation, fungi and tumors.
Cause of meningitis. Bacteria such as h. Influenza, pneumoccus, strep, staph; meningococcus virus such as polio, herpes, fungi.

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