Whats holistic medicine?

Treats whole person. Holistic practitioners address the whole person: mind, body & spirit, in the context of his/her family, relationships & environment. They attempt to address the underlying cause of illness rather than just treat symptoms. They often combine complementary therapies like herbs, nutritional supplements & homeopathic medicines with mainstream approaches. See www.Abihm.Org/about-us/principles &comment:.
One thought... One way to describe it ... Holistic medicine includes the physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual aspects. It may include natural supplements, vitamins, herbs and homeopathic solutions. Many holistic practitioners prefer to stay away from antibiotics when possible. These days many doctors are including treatments which previously may have been considered alternative treatments...
Treats the whole pt . Holistic implies that the complete individual is treated, not just the disease. That is, the stress, living situation, nutrition etc are taken into consideration when treating , say, the flu. This can be a good thing. Problem is it opens the door to many intuitively hoped-for but scientifically unproven theories such as ' energy imbalances or imaginary toxins., etc. Check http://NCCIH.nih.org.