Which is best after colectomy: ileostomy or j-pouch?

Depends. This is highly dependent on why this surgery is indicated. If the person is not too elderly or have other risk factors such as crohn's disease or extensive cancer, then a j-pouch may be appropriate. This is performed by a trained surgeon who has the proper knowledge. Some patients do not have a choice due to their disease condition and will need an ileostomy.
Depends. Both have their pros and cons. J pouch can at least let you not deal with ileostomy but the high volume bms may be too much to deal with. Being younger makes it easier to adjust to j pouch.

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Expert opinions? Which is better after colectomy: ileostomy or j-pouch?

Depends on the. Indications for the surgery. Crohn's disease should never be treated with a j pouch. Then it is an issue with the patients preferences and life style and skills of your surgeon. J pouch usually requires a temporary ileostomy and thus an extra operation to close the temporary ileostomy. These are issues to discuss with the surgeon and contact your local ostomy association, meetings and ask members. Read more...