Does tanning bed cause cancer?

UV exposure can. Tanning beds expose a person to uv light and uv light is one of the causative factor of skin cancer.
Yes. Tanning is not safe and is not recommended for anyone. It increases the risk of skin cancer and accelerates facial and body aging. Sunscreen with titanium and zinc can help protect you from uva and uvb rays, but avoiding sun exposure is best. Spray tanning and tanning lotions are a reasonable alternative to achieve a bronzed look, but they may not be safe for pregnant/ lactating women.
It can. Research has shown that people who use tanning beds have an increased risk of skin cancer. Why risk it? There are safer alternatives, like spray-on tanning, which won't cause premature aging, another side effect of tanning beds.

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Is vichy self tanner cream good? Does it cause cancer or wrinkles.? is itl better than sun tanning and tanning bed?

Healthtap doctors. are asked not to endorse specific brands or product lines. Tan in a can is usually safer than sun tanning or using a tanning bed. The latter can increase risk for skin cancer. Read more...

Will opening your eyes during a tanning bed session cause damage/ eye cancer?

It can... Tanning is the result of the damaging effects of ultraviolet light on the skin. If the eyes are exposed to intense uv light, the surface of the eye (cornea), lens and retina can all be damaged. Skin cancer is the most concerning risk from tanning. I would always wear eye protection when exposed to intense uv light. Read more...