How can you reduce high cholesterol only with diet and exercise?

Less saturated fat. Exercise is good but a balanced diet is also important as a diet not alcking in anything wikk help the body reduce excess cholesterol. An increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, salads, fish, lean meats, and high fiber breads and ceraels not only has all you need but it also helps the body use its own cholesterol and so lower the body's levels. This lowers one's risk for heart disease.

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What can you do to reduce high cholesterol naturally with diet and exercise?

Lipids. By actually decreasing the intake of lipids to the body and increasing the metabolic consumption of the chemicals that can be used to make cholesterol in the body, it also changes the balance of cholesterol the body makes. Read more...

I'm 24 with a high cholesterol (254)...When should I consider taking cholesterol medicine? (i'm trying to improve it with diet and exercise)

Not an issue for . Self treatment. I trust that you are under the care of a physician and should discuss the issue with her/him. In the mean time, if you are overweight, try to lose weight. Reduce intake of saturated fats. Keep up the exercise, but plan to see your doctor. See this site for more info. Read more...