Can wisdom tooth pain go away without it being something serious?

Yes. Wisdom tooth pain can be periodic but there can be a future underlying problem. Have your tooth evaluated by your dentist.
Wisdom tootheruption. Sometimes when a wisdom tooth is erupting it may create pain and then it goes away after it breaks through the gum. This is a normal occurance that does not require a dental treatment.
Yes. You can be cutting your wisdom teeth just like all the others you have had come into your mouth. This transient discomfort can go away on its own. To be sure you do not have a problem that needs intervention, you should see your dentist for his/her professional advice.
No. Usually discomfort in such area is an indicator of infection. Evaluation of the area is a priority before other adjacent teeth are affected.
For a short time. Wisdom tooth pain can be associated with sore gum or tooth ache. The sore gum pain can be resolved by keeping the sites clean. This is similar to a teething pain, but is much more serious. Generally, this is only a very short term fix. Wisdom teeth complications are greatly reduced if the teeth are removed early.
Yes. Typically wisdom tooth pain is associated with gum tissue becoming inflamed around the erupting tooth. This may go away over time but will more than likely come back periodically until the root cause is treated.
Yes, but. Yes, but even without pain, wisdom teeth can cause serious problems to adjacent teeth. Best bet is evaluation by wisdom tooth expert. For best results with wisdom teeth, make sure you are evaluated and treated by a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon.