Deviated septum should I get surgery or take afrin (oxymetazoline)?

Surgery is definitiv. If your car's front end is out of alignment do you get a new paint job or repair the alignment? The septum in the nose is there to help your 'heating coils' (nasal turbinates) to moisturize the air you breathe.. If it's out of alignment it overworks one side of the nose over the other and chronic congestion develops...You're much better off and breathe much better with a septoplasty.
Not afrin! For the right patient, with the right anatomical problem, septal surgery combined with turbinate reduction can be life changing. Make sure whoever you are considering does lots of this type of surgery and ask to speak with some of his/her patients who have had it done. Afrin is not an option. Hopefully you have tried other medications such as steroid or antihistamine nasal sprays as well.
Septal deviation. afrin (oxymetazoline) cannot fix your deviated septum. Surgery is the only treatment. Have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist,