30 weeks pregnant and haven't seen a doctor. Scared & embarassed to seek one out so late in my pregnancy. What would you think of me if I was ur pt?

I'd be concerned. Please see a doctor now before you get any further along. Any amount of prenatal care is better then none. It's not too late! you should be checked to be sure the baby is growing as they are supposed to and to be sure you don't have any concerning medical issues such as gestational diabetes. Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck!
I see it differently. I welcome patients when they need or are ready to seek care. Ideally that would be even before they get pregnant so they can get immunizations, medication changes, fitness and health evaluation, etc. However, if someone, for any reason, has not had care, i would want to see her and records as soon as possible to determine and address any risks to her or babies. Expect a long visit, with ultrasound.