What vegetables are super foods?

More super foods 4U. Here's 3 more: 1) Heirloom apples -- hi in vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants. People who eat one a day take fewer prescriptions! 2) Radish-- a criciferous vegetable, like kale. Hi in vit C, fiber, carotenoids; 3) Seaweed (includes kelp, algae) -- hi in calcium, iron, omega 3s, iodine. According to Bon Appetit magazine: the "hottest new food will come by sea." Moderation always in everything please!
No such thing. While vegetables, especially when not deep-fried or oversalted, are good food choices, the idea that any of them can cure disease (the usual claim for "superfoods") is at best entertainment and at worst malicious deception. Talk with your physician or an evidence-based deitician about sensible eating.